salmon trout

salmon trout
1. flesh of marine trout that migrate from salt to fresh water
Syn: ↑sea trout
Hypernyms: ↑trout
Part Holonyms: ↑brown trout, ↑Salmo trutta
2. large fork-tailed trout of lakes of Canada and the northern United States
Hypernyms: ↑trout
Member Holonyms: ↑Salvelinus, ↑genus Salvelinus
Part Meronyms: ↑lake trout
3. speckled trout of European rivers; introduced in North America
Syn: ↑brown trout, ↑Salmo trutta
Hypernyms: ↑trout
Hyponyms: ↑sea trout
Member Holonyms: ↑Salmo, ↑genus Salmo
Part Meronyms: ↑sea trout

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